Hi!  My name is Adeola Adunni, your Faith Ignitor, Purpose Strategist and Founder of This Faith Thing where we help millennials who struggle with delay and disappointment find faith, purpose and fulfillment. 

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I help you discover your PURPOSE!

I help millennials get the direction, understanding, and tools needed to  move from delay and disappointment to finding faith and fulfillment.  I do this with create resources via blogs, podcast, masterclasses and course.  WIth me, your mindset will shift-this requires you to make a conscious effort to create this environment both internally and externally DAILY.  Which do you need help with?

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Why knowing your PURPOSE matters!

There is nothing that has been created on this earth without a purpose, especially YOU.  You were created for a specific purpose that only YOU can accomplish.  Many people desire to have careers, homes, and money without fully knowing why they even exist and what their mission should be here on earth.  Let me help you, with the use of all my tools, discover your faith and purpose- which in turn will allow you to live a fulfilled LIFE!